April 2019


Interview with Florian Kohler(Venom) ~ by Brian Pauley

When people think of trick shot artists, a few names come to mind. Mike Massey and Tom Rossman are names that people immediately think of. Now, you can add the name Florian Kohler to those names that players automatically think of when you talk about trick shot artists. Known as Venom, Florian has the most

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Trick Shots

EASY FOUETTE By Tim Chin – www.trickshottim.com

A fouette is a “whip shot” used when the cue ball and object ball are close together which makes it easy to keep spin on the cue ball. It is also used in ballet to describe“whipped turns” where the dancer whips their leg around performing a pirouette. These can be some of the most difficult

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Pool School

See the Shots the Right Way ~ by Tim “The Monk” Miller

    Standing up I see the shot with my eye. There are no thoughts going through my mind. Just see the shot. With my brain, I know the stroke I am going to use, again, no thought going through my mind. Knowing the stroke enhances the target. I do not take my eye off

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Eye Patterns and Sighting ~ by Tim “The Monk” Miller

The main difference between the professional player and the best amateur is that the pro does not miss shots. They have a unique way of aiming at the object ball.  And the men will not share this information with anyone, not even their wives. It is a closely guarded secret. The reason I share this

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