Article submission

Sneaky Pete Mafia welcomes submissions from experienced writers and novices alike. While we can’t guarantee we’ll publish everything we get, we are open to everyone!

Ideas for articles include (but are not limited to): writing about particularly memorable games or tournaments you’ve been to or participated in; interviewing someone who inspires you; reviewing books, products, or events; instructional articles about technique or cue building; opinion pieces on whats going on in the world of billiards.
We want to hear from and about league operators, tournament directors, custom cue and case makers, pool hall owners, teachers, students, and everyone in between.
If you have an idea for an article, write it! Below are the official SPM submission guidelines as of March 17th, 2016.
1. Have someone read over the article before you send it. Even professional writers miss things.
2. Don’t send an article before you are sure it is complete! (If it’s an interview, send the final product to whoever you interviewed to fact check and OK it before you send it in.)
3. We accept Word documents or the equivalent (e.g. open source word processing programs, text editors, etc). Please do not send text in PDF format, or as jpegs, etc., as these will not be accepted.
4. If you have a picture you want to go with the piece, send it at the same time! If you do not send the picture with the article, we will use a picture of our choosing — requests to change the image after publishing will be reviewed on a case by case basis. **Please only send images that you have taken yourself, or have permission to use**
5. If you are a new author, make sure to send a brief author biography and author bio pic as well. An author bio consists of a paragraph about the author and their business or background. Please keep it to less than 300 words.


There is no limit to how many articles you can submit! SPM plans to be publishing for a long time, and the more articles we receive the more we will be able to publish.