Interview with Steve Lomax ~ Brian Pauley

Cue making is an art form.  Where some artists may use traditional mediums such as clay or canvas, the artists in the pool world use wood and other materials to produce their art.  Their art are the custom cues that many people buy every year. Some of these individually crafted works of art stay inside

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iPro McDermott Low Deflection Shaft ~ Review by Garret Troop

Well, ladies and gents it’s here. The new McDermott low deflection shaft.  The iPro has a conical taper to it like some other LD shafts on the market.  The shaft played stiffer than the shaft I currently play with. It took a few strokes to see what exactly what it can do. I am impressed

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How It’s Made: Episode 6 ~ Kim Walker

Turn the butt on the lathe using the butt taper bar. (figure 1) Figure 1 The points in the butt sleeve are looking good. (figure 2) (figure 2) The points in the forearm also look good. (figure 3) (figure 3) The butt of the cue will need a weight bolt and a rubber bumper.  Drill

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